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No one wants to enter their hot or freezing Mercedes. It can take 15 minutes for the temperature inside to become comfortable.

The solution is to Remote Control your Mercedes cliMATE®. Our cliMATE® module enables you to remotely start and stop the Mercedes by controlling the vehicle's ignition system and its heating or cooling.

We know that without cliMATE® the temperature in your car will be so unpleasant that you might ask your stunt double to save you the trouble and start the car for you.

See what we mean. Check out how the movie director imagines the discomfort of life without a remote start in our 4-minutes long Art Film. START THE FILM

cliMATE® Digital Module

cliMATE® is an electronic control module, which plugs into existing Mercedes harness without the need to cut any wires. cliMATE® contains sophisticated software allowing it to communicate with the engine electronics even though the key is not in the ignition - not a small feast considering the high level of anti-theft encryption used in Mercedes ignition. The safety remains, without the original key the car cannot be unlocked, the steering wheel cannot be rotated and the car cannot be driven. After a preprogrammed time the engine will stop, or can be stopped remotely.

cliMATE® is built to German automotive standards and contains the newest electronic components specifically designed not to consume power when the vehicle is not in use, eliminating the battery drainage found in many aftermarket products.

cliMATE Remote Start for Mercedes

Free Shipping Worldwide

Our cliMATE® kit contains the digital module, connection cable and our valuable Ignition Switch Removal Tool (normally available only from the dealer for about $85). The kit comes with Free Shipping Worldwide*.

cliMATE® can be purchased from us or from one of our Distributors.

cliMATE kit comes with free EIS removal tool
* Free Shipping Worldwide offer cannot be combined with any discount


(Images are taken from our Art Film)

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