No cutting of wires necessary

The installation concept is clean and simple: remove the Mercedes ignition switch, disconnect its original harness and plug our cliMATE® module in-between the two. All this without cutting any wires, allowing you to put everything back to factory settings should you choose so.

Plug-and-play cliMATE installation for Mercedes Benz

Simple installation

Because the Mercedes ignition switch is well protected from easy access, there are many simple steps needed to complete the job. Depending on the Mercedes model, the installation takes between 20 and 90 minutes.

One must be handy and used to work with basic tools in order to install cliMATE®. If you like to tinker with cars or if you can assemble IKEA furniture, you are qualified for the job. Otherwise we recommend that you seek a professional technician or car alarm installer.

Easy update via USB

Everyone is used to USB Keys or external disks. All PCs and Macs are ready to use them without any driver installation or other headaches.

That is why we have decided that cliMATE® will work like an ordinary USB Key when connected via its USB connector. Plug it into any PC or Mac, and 'Mercedes _RS' external disk appears on your Explorer or Finder. Just copy the update file onto it and a couple of seconds later the update is done.

You can make the update on your desk, no external power supply is required, or in the vehicle. When updating in the vehicle, remember that the cliMATE® power switch must be turned off.

cliMATE works like any USB Key, update cannot be easier

Free installation tool included

We found it such a hassle to separately obtain the original Mercedes Ignition Switch Removal Tool (also called EIS Removal Tool), that we decided to design our own and include it in every cliMATE® kit for free (about $85 value).

Free EIS Removal Tool


(Images are taken from our Art Film)

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