Works with your existing ignition key,
nothing extra to carry in your pocket

What makes cliMATE® very convenient is the ability to remotely start a Mercedes with no need to carry anything extra in your pocket - just use your existing Mercedes Smartkey.

Because it has no dedicated button to Remote Start the Mercedes, we had to come up with an alternative: a Smartkey button-pressing sequence. Just click Lock – Unlock – Lock buttons in a sequence; or just click the red Panic button if your ignition key has one. The engine will start running, which will turn on your climate control unit.

Once installed in the vehicle, you can reprogram the cliMATE® module by using your steering wheel buttons to start the car with Lock-Lock-Lock sequence instead of factory default Lock-Unlock-Lock.

Works with your existing Mercedes Benz SmartKey

Works seamlessly with your KeylessGo

KeylessGo is an electronic drive authorization system installed on many Mercedes vehicles. The driver does not need to have the key in hand to unlock or start the vehicle.

With an optional cable supplied by us, this convenience is preserved by cliMATE® and doors can be unlocked by touching the door handles even after the remote start. Of course, the key has to be near as the KeylessGo system requires it.

Works seamlessly with your Mercedes KeyessGo

Immobiliser with private password

Mercedes has truly sophisticated anti-theft protection. That is, until the thieves take your ignition key without you noticing and simply drive away.

cliMATE® protects you from this common theft. Once the immobilizer function is enabled, starting with ignition key is only possible after the PIN password is entered. PIN password is chosen and known only to the car owner, and is easily entered using the steering wheel buttons.

For example, a PIN code could be created to consist of following buttons on the steering wheel: UP, DOWN, TEL. HANGUP, PLUS and LEFT.

The Remote Start capability remains the same. Immobiliser is also compatible with the KeylessGo vehicles.

More detailed information can be found in the Manual.

Unique Immobiliser with steering wheel password

Set features via steering wheel buttons

There are several user configurable features in cliMATE®. Simply bring up the Audio screen on your instrument cluster, turn off your radio and navigate the User Menu by using the steering wheel buttons.

You are able to get information about cliMATE® such as software and hardware version, serial number; you can set how long the engine will be running after remote start; you can select your own starting button sequence like Lock-Lock-Lock; you can turn On or Off the indicator lights blinking after remote start; you can disable the engine hood checking if your Mercedes doesn't have the sensor for it; you can activate automatic seat heating after remote start; enable the immobiliser and you can pair your cliMATE® with a mobile phone or additional long range radio remotes.

More detailed information can be found in the Manual.

Adjust Mercedes remote starting features

Preheats your seats

You know the feeling. In winter the seats are just so cold. cliMATE® checks the outdoor temperature and even the engine coolant temperature to make a wise judgement whether to welcome you with preheated seats.

Turns on Mercedes seat heating

It is safe

Do not worry, using cliMATE® is perfectly safe and no security is breached. Even if remote started, the doors remain locked, the steering wheel remains locked and the shifting in automatic transmission will remain disabled. The car cannot be driven until the original key is in the ignition and turned to RUN position, or, with the KeylessGo, the key is near and the Start button is pressed twice.

Doesn't drain the Mercedes battery

cliMATE® will not drain the Mercedes battery, even if parked for an extended time. Unlike other remote starters on the market, we use automotive grade components specifically designed not to consume power when not in use, the same technology as used in the Mercedes electronic modules.


(Images are taken from our Art Film)

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